Designer History: Monet tells us: "Michael and Jay Chernow were brothers who first named the company Monocraft Products Company. Their first items included handbags with monograms and gold-plated appliqués. With the onset of the Great Depression, a new marketing strategy and product line was born: Monet Jewelry. In 1929 the brand targeted its efforts on crafting custom-designed women’s jewelry. The goal? To target jewelry consumers seeking affordable, high-end looking pieces. Items in the catalog included necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and earrings. However, it wasn’t until 1937 when Monet started marketing their designs.
"Vintage Monet Jewelry pieces are known for their craftsmanship, elaborate designs, and rhinestones. During the 1930's and 1940's, Monet Jewelry took inspiration from European fashion designers and created intricate, creative metalwork pieces. Monet pieces have a signature aesthetic: they look expensive without being expensive. Monet Jewelry gave women the chance to spend a few bucks and look like a million. It’s only because of their intricate, artistic designs that women flocked to them." tells us: "The company was established by brothers Michael and Jay Chernow and was initially known as the Monocraft Products Company, which manufactured gold- and silver- plated monogram plaques for use in women’s handbags. Monocraft bags were highly sought-after and well-known for their quality...In 1937, the company’s name was changed to Monet and began producing high-quality costume jewelry. Led by Edmond Granville, a former Cartier fine jewelry designer, the company transformed into a leading fashion brand. Since then, Monet Jewelry has changed hands many times, and was purchased in 2000 by Liz Claiborne. Today the brand remains a favorite for vintage costume jewelry collectors and is still sought-after by those who love vintage designs."