Fun Vintage Pink-Purple Plastic Flower Statement Necklace with a Sparkling Bead Center

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Fabulous and fun addition to any spring outfit! Three large, delightful pink-purple flowers are suspended from a brass-tone chain. (**See chain condition note below.**)

The flowers are made out of rows of beads sewn to a gold-tone mesh base.

The first and second layers of beads are made of a translucent pink-purple plastic bead, held in place with a gold-tone rod with a gold-tone tip that gleams in the light.
In the center of each is a faceted round clear transparent bead.

L: 19 inches
Extender: 2.5 inches

**NOTE: Due to its age, the brass toned metal chain has both discoloration and coating loss in places, hence the $5 cost. However these flowers are way too cute for that to make a difference in the stunning impact of this necklace.**

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