Color: Amber tells us that:
"Amber is a bright, warm color that is midway between yellow and orange. Amber looks a darker shade of yellow. Its warm undertones often make it look golden but the hue can also sometimes appear to have a brownish tint. 

"The word “amber” was first used as a color name in 1500.

"It takes its name from the tree resin known as amber, valued since the Stone Age and still commonly used in jewelry. But while amber as a color is a mix of yellow and orange, amber the resin can come in a variety of shades and is often flecked with brown.

""As it is a warm and radiant color, amber is associated with energy. Its vibrance can promote feelings of happiness and inspire boldness. In color psychology, amber is thought to symbolize and promote vitality, confidence and safety.

Throughout history, the tree resin amber has been associated with magic and spirituality – themes which may be linked with the color amber, too. In ancient Greek and Roman times, women wore amber figurines to ensure fertility, while other early cultures believed the souls of animals became amber after their death. Because tree resin often contains the preserved remains of bugs, amber can also be associated with the natural world.

Other associations might come from amber’s similarity to other shades. Because it is close in appearance to yellow, the hue can also be linked to sunshine. Its similarity to the color of gold means it might also be associated with wealth."