Material: Shell

Cassie tells us, "Shells have been used for a multitude of magical and meaningful uses over the years and can be used as a tool for enlightenment.
- "Conch Shell: used symbolically around the world since ancient times, as a call to worship, the sound being similar to the sound of the universe, OM.
- "Abalone Shell: he variety of colors lends itself well to the upper Chakras (Heart; Throat; Third Eye, and Crown). Due to this upper Chakras connection, abalone helps stimulate psychic development and intuition.
- "Cowrie Shell: represents prosperity, connected to femininity and useful for fertility, birth, sexuality and menstruation. It was once used as currency in parts of Africa.
- "Cone Shell: perfect for protective magic and meaning.
-"Scallop Shell:  associated with love, beauty, and Aphrodite, these shells represent travel and movement." []

Hawaiian Shells by Mana Shells
- "Sunrise Shell: rare and sacred; Protection and Power
- "Kahelelani Shell: rare and sacred; Spiralway or Pathway to Heaven
- "Momi Shell: pearl of the sea, used for wedding leis in honor of purity and beauty; Purity & Union
- "Puka Shell: for goodwill or good luck, to bring a sailor home safely, puka shells offer their wearers the good intent and well wishes of the person who gave them; Goodwill & Wishes" []