Designer History: Liz Claiborne tells us that:

"LIZ CLAIBORNE: 1976 - Present

Elizabeth Claiborne Ortenberg, an American business executive and fashion designer, founded Liz Clairborne, Inc. with partners Art Ortenberg, Leonard Boxer, and Jerome Chazen in 1978 where they designed and produced moderately priced sportswear for women. Later, the company designed women’s and men’s apparel, accessories and fragrances and marketed name brands of clothing (Clairborne, Crazy Horse, Curve, Bora Bora, Elizabeth etc.) and jewelry. Jewelry companies purchased by Liz Claiborne were Marvella purchased in 2000, Monet purchased in 2000, and Trifari purchased in July 2000). Her own Liz Claiborne designer is still in production today. A total of 26 named brands of clothing and accessories are marketed today by the company. Her jewelry designs used glass and plastic colored beads, simulated multicolored stones and pearls with gold plated, silver plated and brass base metals. Liz retired in 1989 in the role of President, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive of the Company but the company is still in production. The product lines are being sold at leading department stores and boutiques."