Designer History: AJC tells us: "Incorporated in 1927 in Pittsburgh, PA, American Jewelry Chain Co., known as AJC, ceased to exist in 1997. Their jewellery was incredibly popular, as the brand produced not only quality, but also the original little things. In particular, various figures of people and animals with funny slogans. And most popular comic theme – figures of Cat in various poses – catching mice, hunting for fish from the aquarium, sitting in toilet, etc. Also, many pieces were made for special days and holidays – St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas holidays, Halloween, etc.
Traditionally, the marking included capital letters AJC, or AJMC.
"Noteworthy, the company produced jewelry marked “AJMC” – American Jewelry Manufacturing Company in Pittsburgh, PA. Jewelry of this brand is always of unusual design, depicting either people and miniature scenes from life, or fairy-tale characters, sometimes with fancy signatures. AJC and AJMC pieces are rare in the vintage market, so it is in demand among collectors and vintage jewelry lovers."

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