Symbol: Four Petal Flower

Annie Fuller tells us that, "A natural cave found under the Aztec's Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, was carved into the symbol of the four petaled flower over 3,000 years ago (1,000 years before the Pyramid was built on top of it).
"The four petaled flower is a symbol of all life, wholeness, beauty, fragrance bounty, harvest and union, with the energy of each petal imparting uniqueness, with each uniqueness coming together in the center. The center of the flower is a combined union of all the petals, and itself radiates out to create the energy of the entire symbol, which is its own uniqueness.
"To dance, sing and integrate the symbol inside in a deeply conscious way...All Life, No Beginning, No End, All Unified... is human shape-shifting.
"Instill the four petaled flower within, imagining your heart center as the circle within the flower and each petal radiating from you.
"Receive its energy, become the energy and feed the energy to all humanity." []

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