Material: Sterling Silver, 925

Sterling silver is made of 92.5 percent of pure silver, since pure silver is too soft for most work. Another metal, usually copper, is added for strength. It is so versatile and beautiful it has been used in almost every kind of art, food and drink serving items and, of course, adornment. 

The ancient Egyptians believed that silver was the bones of the gods, and it was very rare at the dawn of history. Nowadays, gold is more valuable due to its rarity, and silver is easier to access. tells us that:

Silver is a precious metal and, like gold, often symbolizes riches and wealth. Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us. As a gemstone silver represents hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystic visions, tenderness, kindness, sensitivities, and psychic abilities.

Silver affects the mind and body as a conductor and communicator that aids in public speaking and eloquence. Silver is believed to draw negative energy out of the body and replace it with positive energy.