Insects tells us that:

"The most popular species of insects have always been and remain the butterflies and dragonflies.

"Butterflies are associated with the soul of man, and is a symbol of immortality.

"A Dragonfly is a symbol of salvation of the soul and a short but beautiful human life, lightness, grace and levity.

"The Scarab beetle was sacred to the ancient Egyptians, as the god Khepera, a symbol of immortality, eternal life, a new sun born every morning – a symbol and a synonym for the soul, persistent movement towards goals and the path to wisdom.

"Ladybug named such because many people considered it an insect of the Virgin. In all cultures, the ladybug stands as a symbol of good luck and good news, as well as a symbol of grace, kindness and forgiveness. It is believed that the ladybug acts as a messenger between humans and God. To find ladybug was considered a good omen. Nowadays, ladybugs have come to symbolize love and sexuality.

"Bees, Bumblebees and Wasps have always been associated with hard work and creation, with Wasps associated with perseverance, a sharp tongue and ability to fend off attacks of enemies. 

"Flies are not only the victim but also the protector. Images of flies were a talisman against evil, a symbol of courage – ancient brave soldiers were awarded gold flies. 

"Spiders are the most controversial image in insect jewelry art the creator of the world, and the treacherous and cunning hunter. Our ancestors saw a spider sitting in the center of its web, the solar deity, to create itself from the universe, weaving in all senses. 

"In Russia, the spider has always been associated with wealth, good luck and good news, but the spider descending on the web – with the divine gifts, gifts of fate. Therefore in jewelry spider is often depicted together with cobwebs.

"According to legend, during the flight of Muhammad from Mecca, he had to hide in a cave, and Allah sent a spider web to input veil hiding prophet. Thus, the decoration with a web can be considered as a protective amulet.

"Cicada – a symbol of longevity, happiness and eternal youth. The legend of the cicadas is a kind and fair queen was reborn after death in the form of cicada. It lived longer than all other insects and became a symbol of eternal youth."  [sources:]

Violabz tells us that:

"The Scarab is one of the most revered symbols of ancient Egypt. It was believed that the beetle has the same path of the sun: just as the sun travels across the sky, radiating light and warmth, creating the conditions for the revival of life ... the scarab rolls his ball with eggs from east to west ... In Egyptian mythology the scarab was revered as a sacred insect ... and was a symbol of the creative power of the sun, rebirth in the afterlife."