Material: Faux Pearls

Real pearls are very expensive, but they are so loved that faux pearls are a favorite around the world, and exist in a wide range of color, material and quality.

"Pearls are one of nature's greatest miracles - and their splendor never ceases to amaze us. From their extraordinarily radiant finish to their gorgeous shades and gracefulness, pearls masterfully capture the exquisite beauty of the mysterious ocean." []

Diana Houston tells us that, "Pearls symbolize wisdom gained through experience and offer protection and security, giving a sense of inner confidence and serenity. Pearls enlighten and help determine right from wrong. They help both the muscular system and the digestive tract and in restoring balance and natural rhythms.

"Pearls are made in mollusks, both fresh and salt water, when a grain of sand or other irritant gets inside, and, for protection, the mollusk forms layers of pearly material in concentric circles around the irritant, creating a pearl." []