Material: Botanical Jewelry of Seed & Plant: Tagua Nut

These unique beads come from slicing a large nut into slivers, revealing beautiful interior.

Sensecuador tells us that: "Tagua jewelry is a gorgeous alternative to products made from ivory. It’s strong, durable, and incredibly beautiful. Tagua jewelry is made from the tagua nut, which grows from the Phytelephas or Ecuadorian Ivory Pine. While the Tagua plant grows throughout South America, it's most commonly linked to the country of Ecuador. These palm trees produce giant seed pods that house the nuts as they grow."

"The Amazonian Indians believes that Vegetable Ivory, or Tagua Nutnut brings prosperity, happiness, love and abundance. Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, and natives of South and Central America used Tagua for emotional and spiritual health and well-being. To them, Tagua is sacred."