Designer History: Hallmark

tells us: "Hallmark cards vintage costume jewelry: The history of American jewelry brand Hallmark Cards began in the 1960s, although private company HALLMARK began its activity in Kansas in 1910. The company has become famous worldwide as one of the largest manufacturers of greeting cards.
First, it was Joyce Hall alongside with his brother, who began to import cards from Europe, and then print beautiful Christmas cards. In addition to printed products and wrapping paper, the company produced gifts and Christmas-tree decorations. Also, starting in the 1960s, the company began producing cute costume jewelry.
"Traditionally, Hallmark costume jewelry focuses on family values. In particular, decorations for birthday, Mother’s Day, family, faith and love stories. Made with the use of bakelite, metal alloy, porcelain, plastic and enamel – all jewelry pieces are made by hand.
"The marking on the back can include HMK CDS, as well as full stamp “Hallmark Cards”.
Noteworthy, the company has registered about twenty trademarks on production of costume jewelry. In particular, “Just For You” (1982-1990), “The Finishing Touch” (1981-1989), “Accents” (1979-1988), “Aura By Hallmark” (1977-1984), “Pretty Piggies” (1990-91), Yum Yums (1990-1998), Color Gear (1986-1991), etc."