Sweet Spiral Earrings in Sterling Silver by IBB

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Sweet spiral sterling earrings made by the International Bullion and Metal Brokers.

Marks: 925; IBB
Weight: 1.2g

ibblondon tells us:
"Established over 40 years ago, International Bullion & Metal Brokers, known as IBB, is an international group of companies whose core business is the manufacture, marketing and distribution of gold, silver, diamond and branded jewelry. Well known for our large stock holding and extensive ranges of gold and silver, we pride ourselves on both quality and customer service.
"Servicing over 2,000 retail outlets in the UK alone, we make it our absolute priority to accommodate the needs of each an every customer on a case by case basis. Our flexibility is second to none and we believe this is what has made us the UK's leading supplier of gold and silver jewelry."

"Established over 40 years ago [in London in 1974] and spanning three generations, IBB LONDON is a family business and the headquarters of an international group of companies
which has become one of the world’s largest and most well-respected distributors of precious metal jewelry."


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